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Meet Grace

ff graceHi, I’m Grace Mosgeller, spa owner, licensed esthetician, massage therapist, Martial Art Black Belt, certified life coach and a fitness fanatic.

I have had many clients over the years concerned about how to get rid of wrinkles, tighten their skin and lift their jawline, jowls and turkey neck with out resorting to cosmetic surgery or injections Being in business to solve problems for my clients, I earnestly set about finding an answer for them….and myself. Just like them, I’m in my middle age and have no interest in a face lift but wanted to look as youthful as I could in healthy, natural ways.

One day I stumbled upon exercises for the face. At first I kinda chuckled, but as I read, researched and saw pictures of women in their 60’s and 80’s looking fabulously young, I was amazed. Immediately I bought as many books and programs available. Calling upon my background as an esthetician, massage therapist and yes, my martial art training, I’ve picked and chosen, and modified the most effective techniques, and made instructional “How To” videos on You Tube and audio workouts you can listen to.

Because the biggest obstacle to getting the amazing results of facial exercise is doing them correctly and consistently, I highly recommend getting my audio workouts that can be listened to from your smart phone, tablet or computer. They are fast paced, fun complete face and neck workouts for faces 44 and younger (Forever Young Series) and for faces 45 and older (Turn Back Time Series). They come with quick start instructions, progress tracking, safty tips, muscle maps and 5 different workouts per series.

They also include how to navigate around facial fillers, Botox and enhancements, and what to do if you’ve already had a facelift.

Using FaceFitnez facial exercise workouts, anyone, man or woman, can look fresh, young and vital as they enter middle age and beyond..