Make Collagen with Facial Exercise

Shape Magazine (July/August 2015) recently published findings from McMaster University in Ontario where researchers were able to pin point proteins muscle that release with exercise (IL-15) to stimulate skin cells’ power centers or mitochondria. This pumped up mitochondria power make skin cells perform better  … whether they’re making new collagen or triggering the cell turnover that keeps skin renewed and youthmake collagen with facial exerciseful.

Sedentary seniors who were put on light cardio program showed  the aging of their skin was partially reversed. “After just 3 months, we saw a ‘youthening’-a thickening of the dermis (the under layer of skin) and a thinning of the epidermis (the top most layer).

The study found that older adults who exercised moderately to vigorously had skin that looked up to 25 years younger than older sedentary adults.

We all know that a thick dermis has lots of collagen which gives skin a firm youthful appearance and a thinner top layer indicates that the epidermis is constantly being replenished with fresh skin cells.

Remember, face and neck muscle, bone, fascia, ligaments and fat respond to exercise just like on the body.

As a natural age defying strategy it is a NO-BRAINER to exercise your face and neck along with your body.

Begin Exercising Your Face Today!

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