Instant Eye Lift Technique

Enjoy youthful, sexy open and lifted eyes with our “Instant Eye-Lift Technique”!

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As an esthetician, it’s always amazed me how changing the tiniest detail of a person’s face can completely transform his or her look.

Whether we are aware of it or not, when we  look at the eyes on a face we often make an assessment of how the person is feeling and how that relates to us. We may not notice makeup, thick or long lashes or the shape of the brow. But we do notice and make some assumptions about the person based on how the eyes look.


• are they tired?
• are they old?
• are they youthful?
• are they healthy?
• are they happy?
• are they sexy?
• are they intelligent?
• are they un-kept?
The eyes reflect what we feel and are the first to show signs of aging. Hooded, droopy eyes and brows indicate an older, tired look, that may or may not reflect what we feel.

The aging of the eyes and falling of the brows can start as young as age 30… and it only gets worse over time.

So what can you do to make your eyes and brows look bigger, brighter and more open….not to mention, younger and sexier?- like they did when you were younger?

Introducing my “Instant Eye-Lift Technique” …

If  you’re really serious about making your eyes open, bright and the most youthful looking  …
You can go the plastic surgeon route and have Botox relax  your crows feet or frown lines and have eyelid surgery lift the eyes

ORff eyes ba


– You can do eye exercises that lift brows, open eyes, reduce dark circles and bags, and can definitely relax crows feet and frown lines.
And the results of eye exercising are fantastic. Many of my clients and myself have experienced smoothing of crow’s feet and frown lines and have opened the lids and firmed the delicate tissues under our eyes with FaceFitnez’s eye exercises.


That’s why I made a FREE Eye-Lift  Exercise video here for you to watch, learn and do!

Watch this “three-pronged” approach to youthful eyes is what makes this “Instant Eye-Lift Technique” a huge favorite among my clients.

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I hope you enjoy this information and the video!!

Warm Regards

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  • I have botox that I metablolize quickly… and I am nearing 60, so I don’t really want to look all that “plastic”. I’ve been doing the 11 line & crows feet relaxing techniques with kinda nice results. I love to do eye exercises when I am on my stationary bike … sometimes with my situps… like getting it all done at onnce…. thanks to faceinfusion

  • Yes, my eyes are looking older. I tried microneedling with PRP and was disappointed with the results. I am hoping that building muscle like you say will work. I so appreciate this natural way to age gracefully.

  • I must say you have VERY interesting ways of lifting the eyes.
    I have been doing this for a month and my husband asked me
    if I have been getting more rest, because I look so good!

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