7 Reasons Face & Body Exercise is Awesome for Your Skin!

If you’re like most women, your days can be REALLY busy.
Sometimes SO busy, we put off the things we need to do for ourself to keep us sane, happy and healthy.Finding Time For Yourself Can be a Challenge!
Especially exercising your body and your face.
Did you know that exercise not only benefits our body, and our stress levels …. it benefits your SKIN!!!
…Especially  sagging or loose skin.
Now, to be clear, I am talking about Body exercising AND Facial Exercise.
So how does exercise help prevent and reverse sagging, drooping, loose skin?

• 1) Increased circulation = Increased collagen production
• Increased circulation is soooo important for nutrient delivery to each and every individual cell in your body….even the skin cells responsible for making more collagen. …and we all know, more collagen means plumper, youthful skin, less sag and a healthy glow!

• 2) Increased circulation= increased detoxification
• That increased circulation not only carries nutrients TO the skin – it also carries toxins out of skin, where the body can eliminate them.This is because our bodies have  natural internal cleaning processes that get activated with exercise. With less toxins in our body … and in our skin .. we have skin that stays firmer, tighter and healthier over time!

• 3) Muscles stimulate mitochondria production:  Shape Magazine (July/August 2015) recently published findings from McMaster University in Ontario where researchers were able to pin point proteins muscle that release with exercise (IL-15) to stimulate skin cells’ power centers or mitochondria. This pumped up mitochondria power make skin cells perform better  … whether they’re making new collagen or triggering the cell turnover that keeps skin renewed and youthful.

• Sedentary seniors who were put on light cardio program showed  the aging of their skin was partially reversed. “After just 3 months, we saw a ‘youthening’-a thickening of the dermis (the under layer of skin) and a thinning of the epidermis (the top most layer).

• 4) Deep cleaning pores
• Clogged pores on the face and body can stretch out your pores and make your skin look older and blotchy and saggy.

• Sweat produced from body exercise (facial exercises rarely make you sweat) draws out impurities like oil, bacteria and dirt where they can be washed away…. a most natural long term way to keep your skin firm,  lifted and youthful!

• 5) Stress, Anxiety and Depression Reduction
• So many of us live with constant stress. More and more people are resorting to anti-depressants and other drugs to quiet our inner dialogs.

• ~ Stress is  bad for us on so many levels ….. did you know that It’s also physically destructive to your skin?
• ~ Stress leads to the production of cortisol, a hormone that blocks collagen production…( the ultimate skin care NO-NO)
• ~ Exercise reduces cortisol levels dramatically

• In fact, a study published in 2008 by scientists from Michigan State University found that cortisol levels drop by as much as 18.5% after an intense workout.

• That means exercising regularly will not only make you feel more relaxed day-to-day… it can also protect your skin from premature sagging, thinning, and slacking.

• 6) Increased skin cell regeneration
• Its pretty well known that people who exercise more, sleep better. Better sleep allows your body more quality time to heal and regenerate all its cells and organs …. including your skin. … and the dark circles under your eyes!

• 7) Increased Muscle Tone
• Exercising all the muscles in your body, including your face, leads to stronger muscles and stronger bones that provide shape, contour and support for our body. The added benefit of a healthy posture keeps your head upright and helps your skin to fight gravity and sag…. and helps you portray the air of quiet confidence.

• Exercise of your face and your body …it its the BEST thing you can do for your skin (AND your overall health) is take a few minutes to get that blood pumping. I know you’ll notice a difference right away!

• Intend that you put yourself first and make the time to
• exercise your body and your face!


I’d love to hear from you. Let me know your most pressing questions about Facial Exercise and any business concerns you’d like to improve. Just comment below…while I cant respond to every comment, I’ll read everyone of them! Thank you for reading    ~ Grace

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  • Facial exercises good for your skin! Let me tell you how true this is. I’ve been doing Graces workout for a year now and people are asking me what I am doing
    to my skin to make it look so youthful. I tell them monthly microdermabrasion, great skin care products and FaceFitnez facial exercises. Of course I eat clean and healthy, drink lots of water avoid the sun and work out my body 5 times a week. I am excited to try the new FaceInfusion body and face workouts together… great time saver!

  • HOw aweseome … who knew you could exercise the face and get such amazing results. I bought your exercise program 6 months ago and love how natural and lifted
    my face looks… thank you Grace

  • I like these facial exercises because you can feel them working right away, your face feels invigorated after doing a series. It also makes sense that if you exercise and stretch muscles they will tighten and lift your face and neck. I am really excited about the prospect of being able to do something about my neck waddle.

    Grace’s audio workouts are easy to follow and a good alternative to other invasive and expensive facial rejuvenation techniques which will not last. As an acupuncturist, who does facial rejuvenation acupuncture, I can say that these exercises are a very effective and more affordable way to improve and maintain your muscle tone and appearance. Thank you Grace for developing these techniques and providing the exercises in a format that are easy and convenient.

    Cindy Wyzga L.Ac.

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